Our services in action: Real Life cast study

We were contacted by a carpet cleaning company in Mesa, AZ about our services and what we could do for them. After speaking to one of our representatives the owner of the carpet cleaning company was thrilled to get started on the project. When we signed on with them, our promise to them was that our business management systems would allow for us to rank their website in the top organic position and in the top map listing position. When we started this project their website was ranked on the third page of organic and twenty-first in the map listing.

So how did it go?

Well, it’s been 2 months since taking on our carpet cleaning client and they are now ranked number one in the maps and number 2 in organic. We haven’t reached our top organic position goal yet, but we signed a 3 month guaranteed contract so we still have another month to work on this project. The reason we wanted to share this story with you (even before reaching our goal of getting them to the top of organic) is that they’ve increased their business by 40%! They were doing close to 10K per month in sales, and this past month they did 14K! The crazy part is that this is usually the slowest time of year for them so they are thrilled with the results so far. This is one example of how our business management systems can completely change the face of your business in a short period of time. Recent articles published by authority websites have stated that search engine optimization services are the best ROI when it comes to marketing. Our business management software is a prime example of this because of the amazing results we can produce for our clients. Please see this article here for more information on our services. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our services.

What Business Management Services can mean for you

So you might be asking, business management services sound great, but what does that mean for my business? We’re glad you asked because it can actually mean a lot… A lot of extra revenue and net earnings that is! The whole point of our systems is to make our customers a lot of extra money. Ranking your website is the best return on investment you can possible make due to the sheer volume of leads and sales it produces. Ranking at the top of the local maps is the 2nd best return on investment you can possible get in today’s world of marketing. Our systems closely monitor both of these ranking systems to ensure that you’re on your way to the top, and if you’re already at the top it’s going to ensure that you stay there. By using our systems if a competitor is paying for similar services and they outrank you on either of these fronts, we will quickly make the necessary changes to get you right back to the top where you belong.

What other services do our business management company offer?

Well, besides ensuring your website is getting lots of leads and then those leads are being converted to actual sales, our services can ensure effective social media marketing campaigns. Facebook and Google Ad words are some of the best online marketing tools available today and we want all of our customers using them, and using them effectively. Our software systems closely track your ad campaigns to make sure you’re getting the best return on investment possible. Specifically we track the click to conversion ratios and we use computer software that calculates the exact return your getting on the cost of the ad compared to the amount of sale you’re averaging from those ads. Maximizing efficiency and sales is the name of the game! Contact us here if you have any questions about our services or check out this post to learn more.

Business Management Services

There are many facets that play into business management. We are proud to offer multiple solutions in every area of your business. Some of the more common areas our clients contact us for regarding business management are technologies to improve and monitor website ranking and local map listings. The main factors that go into website ranking are authoritative content and back links (meaning what other websites are talking about you). The main factors that go into the map listings are the number of citations, or the amount of directories your business is listed on, and how complete your online business profile is filled out.

Once we establish what areas your organic and local map listings need the most work done on, we have one of our specialist start working on these things. Most of the time we’ll spend some time writing some very well written content that will capture that audience and get them to act upon buying your service or product. Once the content is established, we will usually start pointing back links to your website because in the search engines eyes, these are big brownie points that affect your ranking. When it comes to the map listings, we’ll go ahead and see what your already listed on and make sure those listings are accurate. We also make sure your profile is completely filled out and accurate as well on all the major search engines (specifically Google and Bing). Once we make these changes we add your information to our tracking software so that our automated computer programming can actively track the results of our work. This benefits our customers because you can actually physically see that our work is paying off and your making a good return on your investment. It’s these kinds of technologies and expertise that separates us from our competition. If you have any questions regarding our services or our business management services, please contact one of our representatives here.